Devil's Hopyard

Place: Devil's Hopyard, East Haddam, CT

Date/Time: June 7th, 2008

Weather Condition: 90 Degrees F

Case Sta tus: Open

Members Attended: Cassy,Bill,Kim,Jason,Mike,Niki, Gary

Non Members:Fox, Haydon



We spent a few hours at Devil's Hopyard we caught one EVP al mos t as soon as we entered the picnic area. It sounded like a primal grunt. A member from NEAPRI caught this EVP. We are in the process of getting a link to share it with everyone else.

We heard some weird noises in the woods and someone caught these 2 videos. They are not perfect videos and streaming from online makes them harder to see. In the first one you can see a mist like figure rising from bottom to top. In the 2nd you can see a mist running from the left.

*You can right click on targets below and save file as to view on your PC or just watch through the browser*

Video 1

Video 2

Also Copies on Youtube that show raw and enchanced footage

Video of Figure Rising

Video of Figure Running

Video of Mist


After being in the picnic area for a bit a (very nice) East Haddam Police Officer who let us know they don't want people in there after dark and that the Park Rangers would throw us out. We left that area and found a trail outside the posted area and took a walk down for 30 minutes or so, again we had a lot of weird noises in the woods and could not find any natural source for them unless there was a very sneaky animal that we couldn't see.

We look forward to getting proper permission and returning here for a more thorough search of the picnic area and trails.

*Note* Just some photos from our trips nothing paranormal.